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Gamers Update – Ready To Play Pokemon X And Y

Finally, after all that waiting! Fans of the Pokemon world are all in for a spectacular treat as the X and Y versions are now released for play on your Nintendo 3DS platforms! Now you can battle with the 2 legendary Hoenn titans who are none other than Kyogre and Groudon, and those battles are going to be enhanced with a 3D experience! Here are some things that you can expect from this update:

Enhanced overall gaming experience

Remember the time when you first started out as Pokemon Master, you got your hands on the latest copy of the game and happily slotted it into your older handheld device. Everything felt so fresh and exciting that you couldn’t stop playing the moment you start. Everything is going change now and your gaming experience is going to be taken a step up! Read more

Get Aware Of The New Update Version Of Emulator 3DS

Are you among those people who miss the old Nintendo 3DS video games that we used to play in earlier days? If yes, then you need not to keep on missing them more, as there is a way by which you can run those games easily on your PC or Mac computer. For that all you require is an emulateur 3ds as well as ROMs of various games that you love in order to enjoy them on your PC. So all you need to do is to get emulateur 3ds pour pc and that is enough to live your old days again.

What variations are available?

There are a lot of emulateur 3ds gratuitĀ available on the internet, some of them are not real, some of them are slow and unstable while there are very few which are really good and run even heavy games with an ease. One of the best Nintendo 3ds emulator that we found on the internet was 3DSPro. Read more