Top 4 Features Of Playstation 4 That Never Fails To Draw In The Crowd

Did your first gaming experience come with the use of a Playstation 1 gaming console? Such a rush of nostalgia! Who could ever forget that iconic loading screen that was coupled with a melody that signified that your game was about to start. Long before today, gaming experiences with it was pretty much an end user kind of experience. But presently, many support services that allow you to interact with other like-minded players became possible with a simple internet connection. If you are planning to purchase a Playstation 4 soon, you might want to know 4 of its top features!

Get in touch with the world through Playstation Plus

No longer would you have to play alone. Connect your gaming console to an available gaming source and you can immediately challenge other players from the comfort of your own gamin room.

A protection plan to insure a flawless gaming experience

If you love something, you got to protect it. Just like how PS would appreciate you enjoying the fruits of their labor, they have provided you a full coverage and warranty for the first 24 months!

Singleshock? Nah… Try DUALSHOCK!

No gaming console is complete without an awesome controller. The DUALSHOCK 4 controller comes with new features such as six-axis sensory capabilities to change the way how you would normally interact with a game.

More power and more juice

Just like a muscle car, this monster is going to get a upgrade of 8GB ram, 1.84 TFLOPS graphic processor and eight x84-64 cores to blow your mind out of this world.

You can be sure that is not all, you got to engulf yourself with a hands-on approach to fully understand what all these technical specifications mean!