Gamers Update – Ready To Play Pokemon X And Y

Finally, after all that waiting! Fans of the Pokemon world are all in for a spectacular treat as the X and Y versions are now released for play on your Nintendo 3DS platforms! Now you can battle with the 2 legendary Hoenn titans who are none other than Kyogre and Groudon, and those battles are going to be enhanced with a 3D experience! Here are some things that you can expect from this update:

Enhanced overall gaming experience

Remember the time when you first started out as Pokemon Master, you got your hands on the latest copy of the game and happily slotted it into your older handheld device. Everything felt so fresh and exciting that you couldn’t stop playing the moment you start. Everything is going change now and your gaming experience is going to be taken a step up!

Cameras with more dynamics

Previous gaming experiences received complains that there was some lack in depth due to little dynamic camera angles which were put into action within the game. This problem has since been corrected and the improvement will surely fill up the gaps of our 3D desires. Make sure that your 3D slider is up to the maximum!

New monsters! The more the merrier

Sticking with monsters that you already know are certainly not enough! With the birth of every new version, there has to be some sort of substantial addition to the existing family of those pocket monsters. Be sure to rummage through the tall grass long enough to find them! You might also find some characters from elder generations, and they are part of the tease for some extra fun.

Battle scenes with greater cinematic

Sometimes the avid gamer does not solely rely on the gaming experience itself to enjoy the game. Sometimes they look forward to watch the in-game cinematic to complete their desires. With this new handheld, your Pokemon game effects get a little fancier than before with swift zoom ins and outs.

Are your hands itching to play? Without a single hint of doubt, Game Freak and Nintendo has yet again, never ceases to amaze their fans with their technological advancements. Blending a beautiful sense of nostalgia and modern elements, they have a created a timeless formula which successfully strengthen the love of their revolution. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Pokeball to start hunting!